(Japanese: Mac音ナナ - まくねなな - Makune Nana)
Mac音 (Macne; MAC sound) - Refers to how she is the "Mac Vocaloid".
TYPE: Macloid (Because she is considered the Mac Vocaloid, although she can work in UTAU.)

Nana Macne Petit, Coco Macne.

AGE 15 GENRE Pop and Electronica/Techno HOMEPAGE
WEIGHT "Something." (Nana doesn't know what she weighs.) CHARACTER ITEM Green Apple CREATOR Act2
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'2" (157 cm) / B: 34.25 in (87 cm) / W: 22 in (57 cm) / H: 34.25 in (87 cm) VOICE SOURCE Haruna Ikezawa (池澤春菜) PICTURE LINK LIST
BIRTHDAY March 28, 1994 LIKES Anything green, anything related to Apple, apples, of course. MEDIA LIST NICO-NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE March 28, 2009 DISLIKES Uncomfortable things, mean people, trees (often walks into them.) SIGNATURE SONG Unknown (Although "Sweetest" is considered her signature song, it was not sang by her and rather Macne Nana Petit.)
PERSONALITY: There are quite a few portrayals of Nana. One of them is a generally sweet, somewhat naïve, brainless, almost, and hyper girl. The other is a spoiled, self-centered, narcissistic and slightly tsundere type girl.

Voice Configuration Edit

Nana is used in GarageBand by selecting her as an instrument and altering pitches and lengths of sound files with the aid of the Reason4 plug-in; she can also work normally in UTAU. You can buy Nana Macne for 2,980円 or Nana Macne -Petit- for 980円 at Act2.

Nana's voice is very high and chibi like, and this contradicts the belief that she has a womanly voice, although that is actually Macne Nana Petit.

Some details are based on existing information and usage experience. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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